our roots

The key to success is consistent and reliable supply to fit growing demands. Consumer sentiments are changing and as a result, we are in an age of evolution. Here at NUGS, we thought to ourselves, how do we address the need for quality product and the projected growth of the Cannabis Industry? How do we authentically and strategically provide value to the “green rush”?

That’s why we built NUGS Farm North. At NUGS Farm North, our process is customized, our product is consistent, and our team is passionate about cultivating people, product, and process.

An opportunity drew us to the six and a half acre property located in Northern California, the opportunity to provide an elevated quality of life, the opportunity to strengthen the global economy, the opportunity to infuse the industry with NUGS. Nestled in the heart of an agricultural mecca for globally distributed produce, NUGS Farm North finds its power in its product, not in its size. Decades of agricultural experience, a dedication to consistency ensures quality grows, and most importantly, that we grow together.

So let’s throw the buzz words out the window, this industry isn’t hot, trendy, or in a word, dope. This is cannabis. It’s timely. It’s real. And we’re serious (about cultivation.) We look at it from your perspective, helping you provide the most consistent and reliable supply to fit your growing demand.